Gender Studies Programme - 性別研究碩士論文

段毅敏                        M.Phil. 2019 人類學 Love on the Move: Filipina Migrant Workers and Their Same-sex Relationships in Hong Kong
李志成                        M.Phil. 2019 文化研究 Fantasizing Masculinities in the Globalized Cinema: A Study of Women's Reception of Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hong Kong
李露露                        M.Phil. 2019 社會學

Private Business and Private Life: A Case Study of Chinese Women in Small Business

陳淑信                        M.Phil. 2019        英文 Reading Food: Gender, Sexuality, Class and Ethnicity in Contemporary East-Asian Diasporic Literature and Film
胡樂瑩                         M.Phil. 2019 英文 Outgrowing Life, Outliving Death - Youth and Madness in The Bell Jar, Norwegian Wood, and A Pale View of Hills
陳子俊                            M.Phil. 2018 社會學 A Study on Relationship between Hegemonic Masculinity and Male Makeup Practice in Hong Kong
賴韋文                              M.Phil. 2018 社會學 Gendering Cohabitation in China: Perception and Transition of Intimacy
吳芍詠                          M.Phil. 2017 中國語言
宋代文學中女性研究 -- 以戰爭對性別空間的影響為中心
衛婥怡                          M.Phil. 2017 宗教研究 Portrayal of Buddish Charaacters in Late Imperial Chinese Erotic Novels: A Case Study of Fengliu heshang, Wutong ying and Dengcao heshang
周棪夢倩                      M.Phil. 2017 新聞與傳播            Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Depression Experiences among Young Adult Chinese Women: The Effects of Gender Beliefs and Relationship Dynamics
林真如        M.Phil. 2016 人類學  Making Authentic National Heroes: Gender and Nationalism in Post-socialist China
羅天碩                 M.Phil.2016 英文 Gendering the Poetic Subject: Masculinity and Femininity in Wordsworth's Poetry
M.Phil. 2016
歷史 明末清初文人階層的男色關係與交誼 -- 陳維崧與徐紫雲的案例
M.Phil. 2016
翻譯 Manipulating Simone de Beauvoir: A Case Study of the Chinese Translations of the Second Sex
M.Phil 2015 
社會學 Gendered Power Dynamics in Religious Context : The Case of Theravᾱda Buddhism of the Dai-Lue Ethnic Minority in China
M.Phil. 2015
社會學 Happy Together? Chinese Young Male Homosexuals Negotiate Dating Relationship
M.Phil. 2014
日本研究 Hello Kitty : Gendered Consumption in Hong Kong
M.Phil. 2014
社會學 Parental Practice and Mate Selection in Post-socialist China : An Ethnographic Study of the Guangzhou Marriage Matchmaking Corner
M.Phil. 2014
新聞與傳播 Fostering an online counter-public sphere in China: A case study of a LGBT organization's uses of Sina Weibo
M.Phil. 2013
新聞與傳播 A New Dynamic of Gender Discourses? A Textual Analysis of the Representation of Shengnü in Television Dramas and Women's Magazines' Websites
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 800.4.C52 H64 2013eb)
M.Phil. 2013
管理 Gender, Self-construal, and Task Interdependence : Their Relationships with Workplace Ostracism
(CU Library Call No.: HF 5549.5.B84 J53 2013eb)
M.Phil. 2013
文化研究 Negotiating Gender, Sexuality, Class and Ethnicity : Women-Loving Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 75.6.C62 H638 2013eb)
M.Phil. 2012
社會學 Family and sexuality in China : the case of functional marriage
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 1075.5.C6 L86 2012eb)
M.Phil. 2012
(CU Library Call No.: PL 2698.M44 Z66 2012eb) 
M.Phil. 2012
文化研究 A Study of 1957-1961 Cantonese Opera Film : Yu Lizhen's art of crossing in "The Flying Head and Spirit Beauty" Series and "The Foot-bounded Heronies"Series
M.Phil. 2012
藝術 Differencing men's modern art, historical review of Pan Yuliang's xiesheng and the theme of women's culture  (CU Library Call no.: ND1049.P3588 C43 2011)
M.Phil. 2012
The Gender Identity and Embodiment of Male to Female Transsexual Women in Hong Kong
M.Phil. 2012
人類學 Wives as Breadwinners. A Study of Spousal Relationship in Urban Northeast China
(CU Library Call No.: HD 6200. L83 2012eb)
M.Phil. 2011
Sex/uality education as a contested site: The role and situation of secondary school teachers
陳嘉敏 Meg
M.Phil. 2011
英文 Jane Austen's "selfless" (sub) version of stereotypes
(CU Library Call No.: PR4038.W6 C44 2011)
M.Phil. 2011
Elite Schoolgirls: The Construction of ‘Ideal Female Subject’ in the Globalization Context
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.S83 2011)
M.Phil. 2011
英文 Why are we set in this world? gender representation in Murakami Haruki's novels
(CU Library Call No.: PL856.U673 Z876 2011)
池澤鈺 Eva
M.Phil. 2011
文化研究 The Question of Choice and Meaning : A Critical Examination of the Debate of Veiling through the Case of Tunisia
(CU Library Call No.: BP190.5. H44 C495 2011)
陳巧盈 Lina
M.Phil. 2010
文化研究 Body, performance and labor of life models in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: N7574.C494 2011)
M.Phil. 2010
英文 Rape Talk : An Analysis of Dyadic Differences, Rape Myths, and Metaphors in CUHK Undergraduates' Conversations
(CU Library Call No.: HV6569.H6L43 2010)
楊靜 Alison
M.Phil. 2010
新聞與傳播 Fantasy, Organization and Gender : Investigating Bodies-Spaces in a Hong Kong Maid Café
(CU Library Call No.: TX 925 Y36 2010)
殷櫻 Cherry
M.Phil. 2009
文化研究 Between Return and Subversion -- the Maternal Writing in Tie Ning's Novels
(CU Library Call No.: PL 2909 IH 12 Z88 2010)
M.Phil. 2009
人類學 學烹飪─女性烹飪知識與性別身份的建構
(CU Library Call No.: TX 661 G86 2009)
呂惠珊 Lydia
M.Phil. 2009
“Poor Boys”? Gendered Learning Experience in the English Subject in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: PE 1068 H6 L85 2009)
M.Phil. 2009
文化研究 她們的故事:香港同志影展研究
(CU Library Call No.: PN 1995.9 L48 P45 2009)
張佳羽 Irene
M.Phil. 2009
政治與行政 Imbalanced Sex Ration at Birth and Women’s Rights: Relevant Laws and Policies in China and Comparative Legal Implications
(CU Library Call No.: HB 1904 H3 Z43 2009)
李泳萱 Dorothy
M.Phil. 2008
The Construction of Femininities: an Ethnographic Studies of Hong Kong Junior Secondary School Girls
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 1075.5 H85 L527 2008)
M.Phil. 2008
從「批判/女性主義教育學」看初中通識教育科 ─ 一個第三組別初中班上的參與式研究
(CU Library Call No.: LC 1024 H6 P25 2008)
王雅隽 Ivy
M.Phil. 2008
日本研究 Love, Lies, and Loss: Young Women’s Experiences of Abortion in China
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 767.5 C6 W36 2008)
張凱茵 Yan
M.Phil. 2007
文化研究 Spectatorship in the Hong Kong Cinema: Cop Films and Female Police Officers
(CU Library Call No.: PN1995.9.P57 C54 2007)
M.Phil. 2007
人類學 Cyber Passion: Research on Cybersex in Mainalnd
(CU Library Call No.: HQ23.R45 2007)
鄧敏如 Vera
M.Phil. 2007
社會工作 A Qualitative Study of Chinese Female University Students Experiencing Economic Disadvantage
(CU Library Call No.: LC2316.T36 2007)
M.Phil. 2007
文化研究 樊籬與跨越:論陳雪小說的酷異家庭景觀
(CU Library Call No.: PL2840.H7818 Z67 2007)
M.Phil. 2007
人類學 To the City: Subjectivity and Femininity of Nursing Workers in Shanghai
(CU Library Call No.: WY300.JC6 Z42 2007)
M.Phil. 2006
歷史 七十年代香港婦女雜誌中的「時代女性」
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.G38 2006)
蕭綺熙 Michelle
M.Phil. 2006
人類學 Travel as Transient Empowerment: An Ethnographic Study of Hong Kong Women Independent Travelers
(CU Library Call No.: G322.S85 2006)
M.Phil. 2005
(CU Library Call No.: HQ60.H84 2005)
楊淑敏 Loranza
M.Phil. 2005
歷史 “Sending the Women Back Home” – Wartime Nationalism, the State, The Nationalist Discourses on Women in Nazi Germany and Nationalist China, 1930s-1940s
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1236.5.G3 Y48 2005)
周淑儀 Venus
M.Phil. 2004
心理 An Examination of Antecedents of Reporting Sexual Harassment Among Hong Kong Chinese in the Workplace
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1237.5.H6 C46 2004)
M.Phil. 2004
政治與行政 The Construction of Cultural Citizenship of Chinese Female Migrants in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.N4 2004)
M.Phil. 2004
新聞與傳播 (In)visibility of Women’s Discourse in TV and Everyday Life
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.X47 2004)
蘇嘉珞 Carol
M.Phil. 2004
社會學 State Feminism in Hong Kong: Implications on Women’s Movement Agenda
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1236.S6 2004)
M.Phil. 2004
歷史 The Responses of Russian Peasant Women to the Collectivization of Agriculture
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1492.R9 W36 2004)
張燕琪  Bianca  
M.Phil. 2004
歷史 Modern Women in Republican Shanghai, the 1920s-1930s: Discourses and Images
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1770.S42 C34 2004)
M.Phil. 2004
人類學 Lesbian Masculinities: Identity and Body Construction among Tomboys in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ75.6.C62 H635 2004)
M.Phil. 2003
宗教研究 女身成佛─探討佛教女性的終極證悟與世間修行
(CU Library Call No.: BQ4570.W6 J55 2002)
金曄路 Lucetta
M.Phil. 2003
新聞與傳播 Negotiating Gender. Masculine Women in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.K35 2003)
M.Phil. 2003
心理 Violence Defined and Experienced by Filipino Female Domestic Workers in Hong Kong: Impacts and Buffering Factors of General Mental Health and Self Esteem
(CU Library Call No.: HD6072.2.H6 T36 2003)
M.Phil. 2002
宗教研究 香港女性基督教徒與女性身份的建構─李曹秀群在早期婦權運動的參與
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.Z75 L52 2002)
M.Phil. 2002
宗教研究 “Death and Motherhood” in Cries and Whispers
(CU Library Call No.: PN1997.V567 D38 2002)
M.Phil. 2002
心理 The Influence of Unemployment on Hong Kong Chinese Men’s Mental Health: The Role of Gender Conflict
(CU Library Call No.: HD5708 L56 2002)
盧懿                     M.Phil. 2002 歷史 Gender and Nation in Independent Ukraine
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1665.45 L6 2002)
陳澤蕾 Sam
M.Phil. 2001
Gender Construction – A Study of Guan Mu and Shen Duan in Chinese Opera
(CU Library Call No.: PN2875.K7 C54 2001)
李漢英 Pansy
M.Phil. 2001
歷史 Chen Zibao and Women’s Education in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period
(CU Library Call No.: LC2312.L47 2001)
M.Phil. 2001
宗教研究 A Study on the Hakka Female Religious Specialists in Eastern Guangdong
(CU Library Call No.: DS797.32.M552 L58 2001)
黃慧賢 Christina
M.Phil. 2001
宗教研究 Women in Resistance: Four Denominational Studies on the Ordination of Women in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: BV676.H82 2001)
M.Phil. 2000
社會學 Managing the Service Workplace: A Case Study of Life Insurance Industry in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HD57.I6 2000)
M.Phil. 2000
心理 Personality and Life Themes of Working Women and Homemakers in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.M35 2000)
M.Phil. 2000
人類學 Sexual Harassment in Hong Kong: The Construction of a Public Problem
(CU Library Call No.: HD6060.5.H6 Z46 2000)
M.Phil. 2000
政治與行政 Women and Poverty in Hong Kong: Power in the Economy, the State and Discourse
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.W8 2000)