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午間演講:「科學母職」與家政工的性別角色USC seminar poster s




講者簡介:蘇熠慧,北京大學社會學系博士畢業,2010-2011年美國加州大學洛杉磯分校聯合培養博士,現為上海財經大學社會學系副教授,副系主任。研究方向為勞動社會學、性別社會學。研究內容主要集中在兩個方面,一是從交叉性視角關注勞動分工和性別不平等問題,二是關注職業教育體系變遷下的學生工問題, 曾在《社會學研究》,《社會》,《婦女研究論叢》發表論文若干。博士論文獲北京大學優秀博士論文獎,2014年余天休優秀博士論文獎。

時間:中午12:00 - 下午1:30

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2016-2017 Public Lectures

Date Topic Speaker Details
9/9/2016  In Conversation with Conchita, Winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Gender, Media, and ‘Normalities’  -- Poster
17/3/2016  Having a Social Impact: How Researchers Can Engage with the Public  M. V. Lee Badgett Poster
20/3/2017  Untapped opportunities and the business case for LGBTI inclusion  M. V. Lee Badgett Poster
23/5/2017  Women, Work, and Marriage: Challenges of Gendered Social Mobility in Urban China  Arianne M. Gaetano Poster

 2015-2016 Public Lectures

Date Topic Speaker Details
28/10/2015 The Undue Emphasis on Women's Appearance in the Media Madeline Di Nonno


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5/12/2015 Making the Difference on a World Scale: Social Justice, Class and Gender in Contemporary Education Raewyn Connell  Poster
16/12/2015  Fate and Indeterminacy in the Sensory Circuit of 21st Century Taiwan Queer Romance 台灣酷兒電影感官迴路中的命定與未知 Mon Ya-feng 毛雅芬 Poster
14/1/2016 Consent in the Dark: Good Sex, Universities, and the State Carole S. Vance Poster
9/3/2016 Translocal peasant family reproduction and agrarian change in China: toward an analytical framework Tamara Jacka Poster
10/3/2016  Improving Women's Substantive Representation: a Comparison of Theoretic Determinants and Empirical Evidence from Chinese Villages Tamara Jacka Poster
 25/4/2016 Health and Social Activism of Self-Identified Gay Men in Postsocialist China Tiantian ZHENG Poster

2011 Public Lecture Series sponsored by Lee Hysan Foundation

Date Topic Speaker Details
Jan 26 2011 當亂倫創傷遇上精神分析──原初幻想或建構的真實? Peng, Jen-Yu Poster
Apr 27 2011 Women and the Modern Domicile in Turkey in the Mid-20th Century Meltem Ö. Gürel Poster
Jul 27 2011 與邢丹文對談:攝影、現實及生存的關係 XING Danwen Poster
Nov 2 2011 Walking with the Unmourned TRINH T. Minh-ha Poster
Oct 31 2011 The Politics of Forms and Forces
Nov 4 2011 The Boundary Event
Nov 1 2011 Workshop: "D-Story, D-Film" –
(Cinematic, Digital,Transcultural)
Screening of the film NIGHT PASSAGE followed by discussion


2010 Public Lecture Series sponsored by Lee Hysan Foundation

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Date Topic Speaker Details
Jan 27 2010 I ( ) Graffiti Herng-Dar Bih, PhD

Article: 台灣街頭塗鴉文化
Article: 我愛塗鴉 (彩色版)

Apr 28 2010 The Gendered Grammar of Occidentalism:
Modes of Addressing Violence Against Women in Turkey
Meltem Ahiska, PhD PosterFlyer
Jul 28 2010 From Feminist Fieldwork to Collaborative Praxis: Lessons
from the Sangtin Movement in India
Richa Nagar, PhD PosterFlyer
Oct 25 2010 Gender-, Race- and Genre-bending in Contemporary
U.S. Theatre
Dorinne Kondo Flyer
Oct 27 2010 Seamless: A Play Reading with Commentary
Oct 26 2010 Gender, Race and the Trope of Performance in
Anthropology and Cultural Studies
Oct 29 2010 Gender, Race, and Corporeal Epistemologies

2009 Public Lecture Series sponsored by Lee Hysan Foundation

Date Topic Speaker Details
Jan 14 2009 Is there Sexism in Science? Li-ling Tsai, PhD Poster Poster
Apr 22 2009 Queer Like You: Sexual Culture and the Bounds of Normality Helen Hok-Sze Leung, PhD Poster
Jul 15 2009 Social Transformation and the Metamorphosis of the Family Hsia Lin-Ching, Ed. D. Poster
Oct 23 2009 Gender and Sexuality in the New Global Capitalism:
Are We Heading for Another Feudal Age?
Raewyn Connell, PhD,
Oct 28 2009 The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality Poster
Oct 22 2009 Researching Corporate Masculinities: A Discussion of Method Poster
Oct 29 2009 Southern Theory and the Critique of Gender Poster