Gender Studies Programme - Research in Progress

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Dr. Cho Man Kit
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Prof. Song Jing
Assistant Professor
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Prof. SUEN Yiu Tung
Assistant Professor
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Prof. TSENG Hsun Hui
Assistant Professor
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Ph.D. Students in Gender Studies 2018-2019(Research in Progress)
NameSubject DisciplineThesis Title
LI Wenfen Sociology Remapping the State-Society Relations from a Gender Lens: Women's Movements in Post-Mao China
SO Yam Wah Educational Administration and Policy 邊緣之緣: 建構二十世紀殖民香港學童的 (不) 健康身體
LUO Muyuan Sociology Relocating the Neoliberal Sexual Subject: Life Stories of the Internal Migrant Gay Men in Shenzhen, China
ZHANG Kaixuan Cultural Studies A Semiotic Study on Character Pairing Fandom in Chinese Cyberspace
LIU Haiping Cultural Studies Formulaic Intimacy: The Rise of Relationship Experts in Contemporary China
TANG Lin Sociology Entrepreneurship, work and Family: A Study on Chinese Women in E-commerce
WU Yuehan Anthropoogy Risk and Responsibility: HPV Tourism among Young Women in China
PENG Yiyi   Chinese Language & Literature 蕭紅、張愛玲形象接受史比較研究
ZHOU Siyuan Sociology Women Entrepreneurship in China: The Interplay of Gender, Market and State

M.Phil. Students in Gender Studies 2018-2019(Research in Progress)
NameSubject DisciplineThesis Title
IP Nga Sze         Chinese Language and Literature 踰越中的秩序-- 論晚明男風小說及戲曲中的性別書寫
CHAN Shuk Shun  English Reading Food: Gender, Sexuality, Class and Ethnicity in Contemporary East-Asian Diasporic Literature and Film
DUAN Yimin  Anthropology Love in the Move -- Filipina Domestic Workers and Their Same-Sex Partners in Hong Kong
WU Lok Ying  English Outgrowing Life, Outliving Death - Youth and Madness in The Bell Jar, Norwegian Wood, and A Pale View of Hills
LEE Chi Shing Cultural Studies The meaning of "diverse masculinities' in the age of globalization : the case study of Marvel Superhero Cinemas
LI Lulu Sociology Mate selection and the ICT usage among rural youth in China
SHENG Zhifan Chinese Language & Literature Feeling Gender: Sentiment and Queerness in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (1906-1936)
WANG Yiming Cultural Studies Escape from Striated Space: Communities of Netizens against the Chinese Network Cenorship (from 2011 to 2017)
ZHONG Xinle Anthropology Negotiating Between Form and Substance: Tongzhi Marital Practice and the Transformation of Marriage in Post-Socialist China