Gender Studies Programme - M.Phil. in Gender Studies

NameSubject DisciplineThesis Title
DUAN Yimin            M.Phil. 2019 Anthropology  Love on the Move: Filipina Migrant Workers and Their Same-sex Relationships in Hong Kong
LEE Chi Shing      M.Phil. 2019 Cultural Studies Fantasizing Masculinities in the Globalized Cinema: A Study of Women's Reception of Marvel Cinematic Universe in Hong Kong
LI Lulu                M.Phil.2019 Sociology

Private Business and Private Life: A Case Study of Chinese Women in Small Business

CHAN Shuk Shun          M.Phil.2019 English Reading Food: Gender, Sexuality, Class and Ethnicity in Contemporary East-Asian Diasporic Literature and Film
WU Lok Ying           M.Phil. 2019 English Outgrowing Life, Outliving Death - Youth and Madness in The Bell Jar, Norwegian Wood, and A Pale View of Hills
CHAN Tsz Chun     M.Phil. 2018 Sociology A Study on Relationship between Hegemonic Masculinity and Male Makeup Practice in Hong Kong
LAI Weiwen           M.Phil. 2018 Sociology Gendering Cohabitation in China: Perception and Transition of Intimacy
NG Cheug Wing M.Phil. 2017 Chinese Language and Literature 宋代文學中女性研究 -- 以戰爭對性別空間的影響為中心
WAI Cheuk Yee        M.Phil. 2017 Religious Studies Portrayal of Buddish Charaacters in Late Imperial Chinese Erotic Novels: A Case Study of Fengliu heshang, Wutong ying and Dengcao heshang
ZHOU Yanmengqian M.Phil. 2017 Journalism and Communication Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Depression Experiences among Young Adult Chinese Women: The Effects of Gender Beliefs and Relationship Dynamics
LIN Zhenru           M.Phil. 2016 Anthropology Making Authentic National Heroes: Gender and Nationalism in Post-socialist China
LUO Tianshuo            M.Phil. 2016 English Gendering the Poetic Subject : Masculinity and Femininity in Wordsworth's Poetry
LI Chun Wai                M.Phil. 2016 History 明末清初文人階層的男色關係與交誼 --- 陳維崧與徐紫雲的案例
LIU Haiping              M.Phil. 2016 Translation Manipulating Simone de Beauvoir: A Case Study of the Chinese Translations of The Second Sex
MAI Yee Yan                M.Phil. 2015  Sociology Gendered Power Dynamics in Religious Context : The Case of Theravᾱda Buddhism of the Dai-Lue Ethnic Minority in China
ZHANG Kecheng        M.Phil. 2015  Sociology  Happy Together? Chinese Young Male Homosexuals Negotiate Dating Relationship
LO Ka Fung
M.Phil. 2014
Japanese Studies Hello Kitty : Gendered Consumption in Hong Kong
CHAO Kin Chong
M.Phil. 2014
Sociology Parental Practice and Mate Selection in Post-socialist China : An Ethnographic Study of the Guangzhou Marriage Matchmaking Corner
M.Phil. 2014
Communication Fostering an online counter-public sphere in China: A case study of a LGBT organization's uses of Sina Weibo
M.Phil. 2013
Communication A New Dynamic of Gender Discourses? A Textual Analysis of the Representation of Shengnü in Television Dramas and Women's Magazines' Websites
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 800.4.C52 H64 2013eb)
JI Mingshuang
M.Phil. 2013
Management Gender, Self-construal, and Task Interdependence : Their Relationships with Workplace Ostracism (CU Library Call No.: HF 5549.5.B84 J53 2013eb)
LEE Yuk Yin
M.Phil. 2013
Cultural Studies Negotiating Gender, Sexuality, Class and Ethnicity : Women-Loving Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong (CU Library Call No.: HQ75.6.C62 H638 2013eb)
LUO Ming
M.Phil. 2012
Sociology Family and sexuality in China : the case of functional marriage (CU Library Call No.: HQ1075.5.C6 L86 2012eb)
WU Hoi Kei
M.Phil. 2012
Chinese Language and Literature 孟稱舜言情劇作研究 (CU Library Call No.: PL 2698.M44 Z662012eb)
CHAN Hiu Ting
M.Phil. 2012
Cultural Studies A Study of 1957-1961 Cantonese Opera Film : Yu Lizhen's art of crossing in "The Flying Head and Spirit Beauty" Series and "The Foot-bounded Heronies"Series
CHAU Tsz Kin
M.Phil. 2012
Fine Arts Differencing men's modern art , historical review of Pan Yuliang's xiesheng and the theme of women's culture (CU Library Call No.: ND1049.P3588 C43 2011)
CHEN Wenyan
M.Phil. 2012
Educational Administration and Policy The Gender Identity and Embodiment of Male to Female Transsexual Women in Hong Kong
LU Ming
M.Phil. 2012
Anthropology Wives as Breadwinners. A Study of Spousal Relationship in Urban Northeast China
(CU Library Call No.: HD 6200. L83 2012eb)
CHENG Pui Kwan
M.Phil. 2011
Educational Administration and Policy Sex/uality education as a contested site: The role and situation of secondary school teachers
CHAN Ka Man, Meg
M.Phil. 2011
English Jane Austen's "selfless" (sub) version of stereotypes
(CU Library Call No.: PR 4038.w6 C44 2011)
SO Yam Wah
M.Phil. 2011
Educational Administration and Policy Elite Schoolgirls: The Construction of ‘Ideal Female Subject’ in the Globalization Context
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.S83 2011)
M.Phil. 2011
English Why are we set in this world? gender representation in Murakami Haruki's novels
(CU Library Call No.: PL856.U673 Z876 2011)
CHI Zeyu Eva
M.Phil. 2011
Cultural Studies The Question of Choice and Meaning : A Critical Examination of the Debate of Veiling through the Case of Tunisia
(CU Library Call No.: BP 190.5.H44 C495 2011)
CHAN Hau Ying, Lina
M.Phil. 2010
Cultural Studies Body, performance and labor of life models in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: N7574.C494 2011)
LEE Shuk Ling
M.Phil. 2010
English Rape Talk : An Analysis of Dyadic Differences, Rape Myths, and Metaphors in CUHK Undergraduates' Conversations
(CU Library Call No.: HV6569.H6L43 2010)
YANG Jing, Alison
M.Phil. 2010
Communication Fantasy, Organization and Gender : Investigating Bodies-Spaces in a Hong Kong Maid Café
(CU Library Call No.: TX 925 Y36 2010)
YIN Ying, Cherry
M.Phil. 2009
Cultural Studies Between Return and Subversion -- the Maternal Writing in Tie Ning's Novels
(CU Library Call No.: PL 2909 IH 12 Z88 2010)
KWOK Lai Yee, Eva
M.Phil. 2009
Anthropology 學烹飪─女性烹飪知識與性別身份的建構
(CU Library Call No.: TX 661 G86 2009)
LUI Wai Shan, Lydia
M.Phil. 2009
Educational Administration and Policy “Poor Boys”? Gendered Learning Experience in the English Subject in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: PE 1068 H6 L85 2009)
PANG Ka Wei, Janet
M.Phil. 2009
Cultural Studies 她們的故事:香港同志影展研究
(CU Library Call No.: PN 1995.9 L48 P45 2009)
ZHANG Jiayu, Irene
M.Phil. 2009
Government & Public Administration Imbalanced Sex Ration at Birth and Women’s Rights: Relevant Laws and Policies in China and Comparative Legal Implications
(CU Library Call No.: HB 1904 H3 Z43 2009)
LEE Wing Huen, Dorothy
M.Phil. 2008
Educational Administration and Policy The Construction of Femininities: an Ethnographic Studies of Hong Kong Junior Secondary School Girls
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 1075.5 H85 L527 2008)
M.Phil. 2008
Educational Administration and Policy 從「批判/女性主義教育學」看初中通識教育科 ─ 一個第三組別初中班上的參與式研究
(CU Library Call No.: LC 1024 H6 P25 2008)
WANG Ya Jun, Ivy
M.Phil. 2008
Japanese Studies Love, Lies, and Loss: Young Women’s Experiences of Abortion in China
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 767.5 C6 W36 2008)
M.Phil. 2007
Cultural Studies Spectatorship in the Hong Kong Cinema: Cop Films and Female Police Officers
(CU Library Call No.: PN1995.9.P57 C54 2007)
REN Jue, Milly
M.Phil. 2007
Anthropology Cyber Passion: Research on Cybersex in Mainalnd
(CU Library Call No.: HQ23.R45 2007)
TANG Mun Yu, Vera
M.Phil. 2007
Social Work A Qualitative Study of Chinese Female University Students Experiencing Economic Disadvantage
(CU Library Call No.: LC2316.T36 2007)
M.Phil. 2007
Cultural Studies 樊籬與跨越:論陳雪小說的酷異家庭景觀
(CU Library Call No.: PL2840.H7818 Z67 2007)
ZHANG Xiao Lan
M.Phil. 2007
Anthropology To the City: Subjectivity and Femininity of Nursing Workers in Shanghai
(CU Library Call No.: WY300.JC6 Z42 2007)
KO Wing Yee, Kero
M.Phil. 2006
History 七十年代香港婦女雜誌中的「時代女性」
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.G38 2006)
SIU Yee Hei, Michelle
M.Phil. 2006
Anthropology Travel as Transient Empowerment: An Ethnographic Study of Hong Kong Women Independent Travelers
(CU Library Call No.: G322.S85 2006)
WONG Choi Fung
M.Phil. 2005
Modern Languages & Intercultural Studies 「我/我/我/我/我/我…」閱讀兩種文本:從《卵子體慾》到性/別運動
(CU Library Call No.: HQ60.H84 2005)
YEUNG Shuk Man, Loranza
M.Phil. 2005
History “Sending the Women Back Home” – Wartime Nationalism, the State, The Nationalist Discourses on Women in Nazi Germany and Nationalist China, 1930s-1940s
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1236.5.G3 Y48 2005)
CHOW Shuk Yee, Venus
M.Phil. 2004
Psychology An Examination of Antecedents of Reporting Sexual Harassment Among Hong Kong Chinese in the Workplace
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1237.5.H6 C46 2004)
NG Philomena
M.Phil. 2004
Government & Public Administration The Construction of Cultural Citizenship of Chinese Female Migrants in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.N4 2004)
SIN Wan Kei
M.Phil. 2004
Communication (In)visibility of Women’s Discourse in TV and Everyday Life
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.X47 2004)
SO Ka Lok, Carol
M.Phil. 2004
Sociology State Feminism in Hong Kong: Implications on Women’s Movement Agenda
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1236.S6 2004)
M.Phil. 2004
History The Responses of Russian Peasant Women to the Collectivization of Agriculture
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1492.R9 W36 2004)
CHEUNG Yin Ki , Bianca
M.Phil. 2004
History Modern Women in Republican Shanghai, the 1920s-1930s: Discourses and Images
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1770.S42 C34 2004)
LAI Yuen Ki, Franco
M.Phil. 2004
Anthropology Lesbian Masculinities: Identity and Body Construction among Tomboys in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ75.6.C62 H635 2004)
KING Mary Ann Pui Wai
M.Phil. 2003
Religious Studies 女身成佛─探討佛教女性的終極證悟與世間修行
(CU Library Call No.: BQ4570.W6 J55 2002)
KAM Yip Lo, Lucetta
M.Phil. 2003
Communication Negotiating Gender. Masculine Women in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.K35 2003)
TAM Suet Yan
M.Phil. 2003
Psychology Violence Defined and Experienced by Filipino Female Domestic Workers in Hong Kong: Impacts and Buffering Factors of General Mental Health and Self Esteem
(CU Library Call No.: HD6072.2.H6 T36 2003)
LO Yi                      M.Phil. 2002 History Gender and Nation in Independent Ukraine
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1665.45 L6 2002)
CHAN Mei Ling
M.Phil. 2002
Religious Studies 香港女性基督教徒與女性身份的建構─李曹秀群在早期婦權運動的參與
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.Z75 L52 2002)
DAWSON Elizabeth
M.Phil. 2002
Religious Studies “Death and Motherhood” in Cries and Whispers
(CU Library Call No.: PN1997.V567 D38 2002)
LIONG Chan Ching Mario
M.Phil. 2002                
Psychology The Influence of Unemployment on Hong Kong Chinese Men’s Mental Health: The Role of Gender Conflict
(CU Library Call No.: HD5708 L56 2002)
LO Yi                            M.Phil. 2002 History Gender and Nation in Independent Ukraine
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1665.45 L6 2002)
CHAN Chak Lui, Sam
M.Phil. 2001
Modern Languages & Intercultural Studies Gender Construction – A Study of Guan Mu and Shen Duan in Chinese Opera
(CU Library Call No.: PN2875.K7 C54 2001)
LI Hon Ying, Pansy
M.Phil. 2001
History Chen Zibao and Women’s Education in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period
(CU Library Call No.: LC2312.L47 2001)
LIU Yi Jung
M.Phil. 2001
Religious Studies and Theology A Study on the Hakka Female Religious Specialists in Eastern Guangdong
(CU Library Call No.: DS797.32.M552 L58 2001)
WONG Wai Yin, Christina
M.Phil. 2001
Religious Studies and Theology Women in Resistance: Four Denominational Studies on the Ordination of Women in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: BV676.H82 2001)
IP Chung Yan, Joanna
M.Phil. 2000
Sociology Managing the Service Workplace: A Case Study of Life Insurance Industry in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HD57.I6 2000)
MAK Hoi Yan, Iris
M.Phil. 2000
Psychology Personality and Life Themes of Working Women and Homemakers in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.M35 2000)
TSANG Suet Man
M.Phil. 2000
Anthropology Sexual Harassment in Hong Kong: The Construction of a Public Problem
(CU Library Call No.: HD6060.5.H6 Z46 2000)
WU Ka Ming
M.Phil. 2000
Government & Public Administration Women and Poverty in Hong Kong: Power in the Economy, the State and Discourse
(CU Library Call No.: HQ1781.W8 2000)