Gender Studies Programme - Undergraduate Minor Programme in Gender Studies

Programme Description

This programme explores how different social and cultural context construct the concepts of "Men" and "Women", and how these concepts affect our ways of life and world view. Gender Studies became a significant research area in various disciplines, such as Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, History, Law, Literature and Religion.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong established Undergraduate Minor Programme in Gender Studies in 1997-98. It is the first university in Hong Kong to offer this programme. The Programme provides more than 20 interdisciplinary compulsory and elective courses. Please download the leaflet below to get more detailed information.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Sensitivity to the subtle yet all-encompassing impact of sex and gender on human society.
  2. Capability in integrating perspectives from different disciplines and applying them to understanding human lives and societies.
  3. Capability in critiquing and transcending prevalent social discourses.
  4. Commitment to social justice and equity.

Course Grades Release

Course grades will be available in CUSIS through the following path: MyCUHK > CUSIS > Academic Records > View Grade > select the corresponding academic term.

A student who wishes to lodge a grade appeal in a particular course MUST approach the course teaching staff within two weeks from the grade release date. Late appeal will NOT be accepted.

FAQ and Programme Leaflet 

Q: When and how can I apply for minoring in Gender Studies?

A: "Application for Program Change" under CUSIS will be open from early October to end of May of each academic year for students to declare minor or to make changes/ cancellation to the declared minor subject(s). For details, please refer to RES homepage:

Q: If I have studied General Education (UGE) courses that are double-coded with elective courses of minor in Gender Studies, can I apply for course substitution? For example, can I substitute GDRS3005 with UGEC3203?

A: Yes, please submit your application by downloading the form for course substitution/exemption at the website of RES and submit it to our programme office.

 Q: If I have studied major required courses that are listed as elective courses of minor in Gender Studies, can they be used to fulfill the major requirement and the minor requirements at the same time? 

A: For some major programmes, the courses can be counted towards both major and minor requirements. Please first check with the office of your major programme if the same arrangement applies.


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