Gender Studies Programme - PH.D. in Gender Studies

NameSubject DisciplineThesis Title
ZHANG Kaixuan
Ph.D 2019
Cultural Studies A Semiotic Study on Character Pairing Fandom in Chinese Cyberspace
LUO Muyuan
Ph.D 2019
Sociology Tempo-Spatial Dynamics of Sexual Migration: Life Stories of Internal Migrant Gay Men in Shenzhen, China
LIU Haiping 
Ph.D 2019
Cultural Studies  Formulaic Intimacy: The Rise of Relationship Experts in Contemporary China 
LIN Fangfei 
Ph.D 2018
Anthropology 製造候鳥: 新彊季節拾花工民族誌研究
ONG Yuin Ting 
Ph.D 2018
Cultural Studies (Dis)Orientating Desires : The Queer Exotic and Lesbian Diaspora in Transnational Chinese Cinemas
LI Xiangmei 
Ph.D 2018
Social Work Urbanization paths and changing gender relations in contemporary Chinese families: effects of gender ideology
NI Ziquan 
Ph.D 2018
Cultural Studies 性別、類型與現代性: 華語銀幕女俠形象
SONG Lin  
Ph.D 2017
English Queering Chinese Kinship in Cinematic and Popular Cultures in Comtemporary Mainland China
YANG Feng Lin
Ph.D 2017
Educational Administration and Policy 台灣保守基督教運動的發展與社會論爭
CHOW Shuk Yee, Venus    
Ph.D 2017
The Performance of Female Sexuality through Sensual Dances Among Hong Kong and Japanese Women
YU Ting Fai
Ph.D 2017
Anthropology Class Differences among Gay Men in Hong Kong : Local History, Queer Modernity
CHANG Ying Tzu
Ph.D 2017
Cultural Studies 同女好孕酷兒-- 臺灣女同志媽媽多元演繹的親職/酷兒身份
Ph.D 2017
Communication The Self-reflexive Project of Women Yoga Practitioners in Late Modernity : An Ethnography Study of Hong Kong Yoga Studios
Ph.D 2016
Cultural Studies Articulating the "L" Word Globally in a Cyber "Garden of Eden": Online Chinese Queer Fandom of Western Media and Celebrities
LI Xiaojun
Ph.D 2016
Sociology Sexuality, Gender and Sport: A Study of Chinese Volleyball and Its Male Amateur Participants
CHAN Yui Choi, Thomas
Ph.D 2016
 Cultural Studies 香港長者在新自由主義下的社區生活
LI Xueli
Ph.D 2016
Anthropology "Reconstructing New Homeland" : Gender, the Environment and the State in Three Earthquake-hit Villages, Sichuan, China
WONG Choi Fung
Ph.D 2014
Cultural Studies 打造香港傷殘/性別新文化 ─ 搭建傷殘女性主義
ZHOU Shuyuan
Ph.D 2014
Cultural Studies 女性幻想男男之愛 : 中國網絡耽美與酷兒性研究
REN Jue, Milly
Ph.D 2014
Anthropology Computers to the Countryside: An Ethnographic Study of Household Computer Users in Hubei
CHO Man Kit, Joseph
Ph.D 2013
Cultural Studies Mapping the Sexual Landscape : A Study of the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (1950s-1980s)
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 766.5.H6.C546 2013eb)
ZHANG Jiayu, Irene
Ph.D 2013
Government and Public Administration One Child Family Structure and Gender Equality Attitudes
LIU Huimin
Ph.D 2013
Psychology How work-family interface affects and intimate partner a test of crossover effects in Chinese dual-earner couples
(CU Library Call No.: HD 4904.25.L58 2013eb)
LIONG Chan Ching, Mario
Ph.D 2010
Anthropology Between Responsibilities and Privileges: The Gender Construction of Fatherhood in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQ 756L567 2010)
LIU Jianwen, Kacey
Ph.D 2010
Translation 翻譯中的女性話語權力 : 從性別視角看當代女性主義小說的翻譯
(CU Library Call No.: P306.2 L58 2010)
KAM Yip Lo, Lucetta
Ph.D 2009
Communication Public Desires, Private Subjects: Lalas in Shanghai
(CU Library Call No.: C62 S53 2009)
Ph.D 2009
Anthropology Religion, Local Culture and Gender Relations: An Ethnographic Study of Dongxiang People in Gansu, China
TAM Suet Yan
Ph.D 2009
Social Work Conceptions and Beliefs about Spousal Abuse among Social Work Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong
(CU Library Call No.: HQV6626.T356 2009)
CHEN Xuefei
Ph.D 2007
Psychology How Work-Family Interface affects Work-Withdrawal Intention
(CU Library Call No.: HD4904.25.C44 2007)
CHAN Chak Lui, Sam
Ph.D 2007
Cultural Studies 五、六十年代粵劇正印花旦性別操演
(CU Library Call No.: PN2875.K7 C538 2007)