Gender Studies Programme - Wendy Chan, 2019 graduate, BSSc in Gender Studies

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..., it is a world full of discussion, debate and pluralism.



Gender studies is not just about learning gender equality, but also learning issues of individual, family, society, and global aspects. In the two years of studying gender studies, I have opportunities to explore different topics, from personal sexual identities to national policy regulations, social culture, and history. It deepens understanding of myself and different aspects of social life, lets me have chances to reflect on the connection with society as well, these makes learning very practical and very lively. No matter how much we know about gender, what gender identities we claim, whether we support gender equality or not, it should not obstruct our interest on studying gender issues. Gender Studies is not like mathematics and science which seek unchanging scientific law. In here, it is a world full of discussion, debate and pluralism. It allows us to learn from multiple perspectives, respect each other's voices, and pay attention at the needs of all parties. These enhance my knowledge in academic field as well as benefits self-growth.


- Wendy Chan, 2019 graduate, BSSc in Gender Studies