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SONG Jing Ph.D. in Sociology, Brown University (2012)
Position: Associate Professor
Telephone: 3943 9314
Fax No.: 2603 7223
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Courses Taught:

GDRS2010 Quantitative Research Methods in Gender Studies

GDRS3005 (UGEC3203) Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Society

GDRS 4010 Thesis

GDRS5030 Advanced Topics in Gender Studies I

GDRS5040 Advanced Topics in Gender Studies II

GDRS5085 Gender and Work 

GDRS5090 Special Topics in Gender Studies

Research Interest: Gender, family, work, migration, urbanization and informal economy

Jing Song is an Associate Professor in Gender Studies Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. she got her BA and MA in sociology at Peking University (China) and then an MA and PhD in sociology at Brown University (USA). Prof. Song studies gender and family issues with a focus on work and informal economy under macro social changes of migration, urbanization, and market transition. Her research interests include women's employment and entrepreneurship, land development and property rights, cohabitation and marriage, gender relations and political participation. She also studies how people's life chances and family lives are shaped by state and market. She has published in China Quarterly, Urban Studies, Journal of Rural Studies, The China Review, Eurasian Geography and Economics, Housing Studies, Population, Space and Place, Journal of Sociology, Journal of Chinese Sociology, Journal of Comparative Family Studies,  Asian Anthropology, Chinese Journal of Sociology etc. Her book Gender and Employment in Rural China was published by Routledge in 2017.

  1. National Science Foundation, China, "Business Startups on Internet: A Study of Spatial and Temporal Structures with a Gender Perspective".
  2. Research Grants Council, General Research Fund, “Urbanization, Gender and Property Structures: Top-down and Bottom-up Urbanization in Rural China”. 
  3. The Worldwide Universities Network, “Women’s Mobility: Negotiating Work and Family Spheres in Asia”. 
  4. Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), “A Study on Public Attitudes towards Female Political Leadership”.
  5. The Sumitomo Foundation, Japan. “Woman and Entrepreneurship in Japan and China”.
Selected Publications:

Referred Journal Articles:

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Book Chapter

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