Gender Studies Programme - Inauguration Ceremony 2015

Inauguration Ceremony marked a bright beginning of the new academic year and our new Undergraduate programme

Gender Studies Programme held an inauguration ceremony to welcome its new students on 5 Sept 2015.

60 students in PhD, Mphil, MA and undergraduate programmes were admitted in this academic year.

Prof. Helene Fung, Director of Gender Studies Programme, welcomed and congratulated the students to study in Gender Studies programme, especially those admitted in the first cohort of Undergraduate programme in Gender Studies.

We were honoured to have invited three officiating guests. Dr York Chow, Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission, stated the importance of human rights and equality for the present generation throughout the world and encouraged the students contribute what they learnt to society.

Mrs Stella Lau, Chairperson of Women’s Commission, shared the Commission’s views on gender mainstreaming and expressed her confidence in CUHK as an important breeding ground for grooming local gender experts in the future.

Ms Su-Mei Thompson, CEO of the Women’s Foundation, pointed out that gender inequality was still rife in Hong Kong, and the talent pool of gender experts to do gender research and formulate effective long-term policies for better environment for women was very small. She invited the students as our next generation of leaders to step up to the challenge for a better world.

Following the addresses from the guests and group photos with Prof Fanny Cheung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof Chiu Chi Yue, Dean of Faculty of Social Science, together with Gender Studies Committee members and students, three seminars provided insights with various perspectives of gender studies researches.

The first seminar was delivered by Prof. Choi Po King, founding member of Gender Studies Programme and Prof. Angela Wong, Co-director of Gender Studies Programme, which was about researching Gender and sexuality. Prof. Tseng Hsunhui, Assistant Professor of Gender Studies, then gave a talk about her recent research on life and work of foreign spouses engaging in sex work in Taiwan. The last seminar by Prof. Song Jing, Assistant Professor of Gender Studies, was on the self-employment of Chinese women in rural areas.



 05 2015Inaug dryorkchow

“Gender Studies can equip students with the knowledge, tools, and skills to be competent human resources managers… Gender Studies are not effective unless they are put into practice and made applicable to society.”

  - Dr York Chow, Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission

 06 2015Inaug mrsstellalau  

“Do not hide what you have learnt; do share your vision with those people around you and let them understand gender issues better, and shape our society better.”

   - Mrs Stella Lau, Chairperson of Women’s Commission


7 2015Inaug mssuimeithompson


“... I also hope you will feel inspired and empowered by your studies to drive positive change in the community at large. You can do this by getting involved with the EOC’s youth programme or by volunteering or interning with human rights or women’s organisations like ours.”

  - Ms Su-Mei Thompson, CEO of the Women’s Foundation

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