Gender Studies Programme - 曾薰慧教授(兼任)

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曾薰慧 Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Washington, Seattle (2012)
職位: 兼任助理教授
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GDRS3009 - 家庭與社會

GDRS5087 - 女性主義方法論

研究興趣: 全球化,婚姻與家庭,跨國移民和人口販賣,性工作,性別、階級與種族, 亞際社會研究 : 台灣、中國及越南
簡介: 我的研究興趣主要為東亞及東南亞的女性跨國遷移,尤其關注在地女性如何透過跨國巿場機制與全球產生動態的連結。過去我的研究聚焦在台灣商品化跨國婚姻的市場形成及國家管控,現在則試圖探究在台灣的性產業中婚姻移民工作者的勞動狀況與家庭關係。任教科目包括女性主義方法論,性別與移民,婚姻與家庭,以及性別與社會。

2016 Book Review: Essential Trade: Vietnamese Women in a Changing Marketplace by Ann Marie Leshkowich," American Anthropologist (118) 3: 678

2016 "Racialization of Foreign Women in the Transnational Marriage Market of Taiwan," in Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Asia, edited by Tiantian Zheng, Hawaii: University of Hawaii Press, pp. 205-221.

2015 “Gender and Power Dynamics in Transnational Marriage Brokerage: The Ban on Commercial Matchmaking in Taiwan Reconsidered,” in Special Issue: Governing Marriage Migrations: Perspectives from Mainland China and Taiwan, Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Cultural Review. E-Journal (15): 108-132

2014 “Victims of Human Trafficking or Suspects of Fraudulent Marriage?: Knowledge Production of ‘Runaway Brides’ in the Sex-related Industry of Taiwan,” in Human Trafficking in Asia: Forcing Issues, Framing Agendas, edited by Sallie Yea, UK: Routledge.

2000 “National imagination and the Construction of ‘the other’ during the 1950s in Taiwan—A Conception of Sexuality”, Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences, (18): 85-112.

2000 “Writing ‘the Other’: A Symbolic Analysis of Communist Spy during the White Terror Time of the 1950s”, Tamkang Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (5): 125-160.

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